Special Effects

Special Effects can turn the ordinary in to the extraordinary. We can provide a full range of Special Effects and a sample of these are detailed below. Looking for more information? Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help and advise!

Smoke MachinesWe have multiple Smoke Machines available, and all are provided with Smoke Fluid on a “Sale or Return” basis.
Chauvet GeyserVertical smoke machines, with coloured LEDs.
Haze MachinesWe have multiple Haze Machines available.
We have the JEM – Magnum Hazer which is controlled by DMX
We also have the Look Solutions – Unique 2.1 Hazer, again controlled by DMX
We are able to provide Haze Fluid for the machine, and you are only charged for what you use.
Low Smoke MachinesOur Low Smoke Machine achieves a floor-hugging dry ice fog effect – only by the addition of Ice Cubes.
Silk FlamesSilk material that is lit and blown by a fan to produce a very realistic flame.
Can be supplied in various heights both floor mounted or hanging.
For social events floor mounted colour flames with sound-to-light function are available.
 Star Cloths

Star Cloths provide a nice backing to various stages and venues while also providing interest.

Our Star Cloths are Black, 3m x 2m and come with either Blue or White lights. These can be set to Flash, Fade, Strobe or operate in a Sound-To-Light mode.

We have a 6m x 3m, DMX - 5 Channel starcloth featuring All On, Sound Active and Chase modes.

We also have 6m x 4m Black with White Light and DMX Controlled.

 Bubble Machines

The CHAUVET DJ Bubble King is the largest name in bubble effects, featuring 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high output.

We also sell Bubble Fluid if you require it and will happily provide you with a quantity, and just charge you for what you use.

 Party Lights

We have a number of Party Lights to add interest to any party.

LED Twister Sound Activated & Auto Mode Light – Sample Video

LED Duoflower – Twin Roto Effect. These can also be controlled via DMX – Sample Video

We also have a variety of Star Cloths available which can make your room look smarter – Watch a sample video on YouTube


We can provide a number of pieces of equipment for the use of Pyrotechnics. However, we recommend checking with the venue you are using first.

We have Le Matire 12 Channel and 2 Channel controllers, single pods to hold pyrotechnics and also variable angle pods.

We can also supply control cable in various lengths from 5m – 20m

 UV Panel 
 Snow Machine 
 Projected Flame 
 Projected Water 
 Mirror BallFor that “Saturday Night Fever” effect, why not hire one of our Mirror Balls? By shining some lighting on it, you get a fantastic disco effect which can brighten up any dance floor!

Looking for a “Thunder and Lightning” effect? Why not hire a Strobe light from us?

Don’t worry, we can give you some advice on how best to use it in the show and advise you of the precuations to take.

 UV Canon 
 UV Tube