Our Work

Throughout the year, the team from DJC provide technical services for a number of different events. Shown below is just a sample of the work we do, as we can’t list everything on the website. Why not Contact Us for a detailed chat?

Our work in the Rickmansworth area gives us the opportunity to take part in many different events. The image shows our stage by the Bury; supporting the Rickmansworth Town Team’s annual Folk Festival.

Our work in the Rickmansworth area gives us the opportunity to take part in many different events. The image shows our stage outside the Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth, supporting the Rickmansworth Town Team’s Winter Fair.

To celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, our team provided a stage and backdrop for a Jubilee Event in a park. We also provided two PA kits to enable two stages to be used at the event, to enable seamless switching between acts.

A local choral society approached us to provide tiered rostra for seating. We met at the church venue to discuss the society’s needs and to make sure our design met health and safety requirements, such as keeping the emergency exits clear.

Using our Prolyte StageDex stock we created a rostra design to fit the purpose.

We delivered and built the rostra on the morning of the concert, in time for the choir’s afternoon rehearsal with the orchestra.

Thanks to the system’s simple construction method, we quickly dismantled the seating tiers after the concert, and cleared the church that night, ready for the early service the next morning.

We set up a temporary stage for a small, outdoor music event in Pinner, making the most of the good weather towards the end of the summer.

Using Prolyte StageDEX, the rostra stood 600mm high and measured 6 by 4 metres, giving the musicians a good working platform. A black valance around the stage hid cabling from the audience and made for a neat finish.

We provided steps with a handrail, and a safety rail extended behind the performers across the back of the stage.

With Prolyte StageDEX flexibility is key and you can use it for presentations, gigs, drama productions and dance shows, even tiered for choral concerts. Use it outdoors or indoors to suit your event. It comes in standard heights of 200mm, 400mm, 600mm and 800mm but we can cut the legs to any height you need, for an additional cost.

We build stages in units of 1 metre square but the component parts are also available for dry-hire.

Angel Canal Festival is an annual event held around the canal at Angel Islington. For a number of years we have provided PA services around three sites; the canal towpath, a waterside park and the canal basin plaza, tackling a number of challenges along the way.

A cabin on the towpath houses the control point where the announcer makes his base, armed with a radio microphone to allow for roaming and interaction with festival visitors. It also forms the starting point for the cabling needed to connect sound equipment to amplifiers and speakers in the public areas.

Getting the speakers to work in the park and the plaza on the other side of the canal requires different technology, however, as it isn’t possible to run cables across the water. A radio link is the solution here. A transmitter on the towpath sends signals to receivers with external aerials. If we don’t have access to local electricity supplies, we use our own generator to power the remote receivers and amplifiers.

Using column speakers around the site gives a crisp sound quality, ensuring that every announcement comes across clearly.

The customer required a PA system in a hospitality suite at Brunel University consisting of a main hall and a number of side rooms that did not allow for cable runs. The solution was to install powered speakers in each room, linked by radio. Low background music set the mood, allowing for the occasional announcement. Presentations in some side rooms were made without music or PA announcements. We split the system into two zones, giving complete flexibility of sound production across the venue. We organized the radio frequency channels and gave the announcer freedom of movement with a radio microphone.

We hire our equipment to many local theatrical and dance groups for special effects throughout their shows. The picture to the right, taken from a local dance school performance at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham, and shows the effects of our Low Smoke and Haze machines with some dramatic lighting.

We offer a variety of options for your event. This picture shows a production in The Great Barn, Ruislip. We provided the PA kit for this event, and some of the infrastructure for lighting. We also designed and operated the sound rig for the week, dealing with a large number of radio mics and the fact that the show took place “in the round”. One of our more interesting locations!

Our client specified a sound system that enables clear speech for announcements around the external courts as well as in the changing rooms and bar, jointly and independently as needed. We used multiple low power speakers and carefully selected external locations to ensure adequate sound volume in the required area with no spill into the court area. A switching unit allowed announcements to the relevant areas.