Event Types

DJC can help you with a variety of different events. Shown below is just a sample of the work we do, as we can’t list everything on the website. Why not Contact Us for a detailed chat?


Work starts weeks ahead of the production, meeting with clients to agree technical details. How many radio microphones will be needed? What sound and special effects does the production involve? Will it require monitor speakers and where will the musicians be located? If a venue’s facilities are not up to the task, we’ll install sound for the show. We can man the sound desk for technical and dress rehearsal, making any necessary pre-show adjustments.


Open-air events require a large range of facilities. We work regularly at canal festivals, where we provide sound systems for the stages, main site PA, radio microphones for commentary from boats to shore PA systems and site radio systems. We install the equipment and maintain it throughout the event, on hand to advise and assist.


We can provide a range of PA equipment for corporate events, from a simple set-up that allows everyone to hear your visiting speaker to a multi-room set-up for conference work.

Additionally, we can meet your requirements for projectors and screens, plus lighting to create a mood or illuminate your presenters.


We provide equipment including mixers and monitor speakers for a wide range of musicians, including rock bands, jazz combos, folk groups, solo singers and choirs. We work with the artists, making sure they feel comfortable on stage, free to give their best performance. We usually send a technician to set up and operate the system, but a hire-only option is available.


Are you planning an indoor or outdoor event? We tackle both quite happily, but particularly enjoy transforming a marquee into a fairy-tale venue, providing generators for power as well as lighting and sound. If your band or DJ needs a stage on which to perform – dressed with star cloth or lit for effect, if necessary – we can handle that too.


Sports Days and Fun Runs are typical of the events that use our sound systems, assisting competitors and spectators alike. To avoid trip hazards and allow commentators free movement we often use our Sennheiser G3 radio microphones as their external antenna mean they can reliably cover a large area. Remote site with no access to mains electricity? No problem. We can provide power with our EU30is generator or use a battery for smaller systems.


We offer a range of facilities to schools, from radio microphones for open evenings, to setting up PA systems for sports day or giving full technical support to plays and shows. We work with staff during the planning stage to help identify the best solutions for each event and then provide the equipment. We can also provide technicians to operate the lighting and sound equipment, if necessary.


Everyone loves our simple party sound system, which will link your ipod or computer to amplify the music you choose. For more ambitious events we can supply lights and star cloths